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We provide a wide range of site development services like Block Retaining Wall, Stone Walls, Foundation among other Excavation Services.

Looking for a local excavation company in the state of New Jersey?

By calling Aguera Construction, you have come to the right place for high quality, precision excavations services with a high level of production and safety

If you need to expand your land or new construction, call Aguera Construction. Our team will quickly assess your home at this age and find affordable solutions for your residential, commercial, or industrial property.

We can take care of all the site work you need to prepare your land for new installations or construction.

Rodrigo Aguera, the founder of our company, is a resident of the tri-state serving all excavation and land development areas. Hiring us for excavation services is a great way to support a local business in the New Jersey area.


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The beginning of any construction requires a lot of planning and attention. It guarantees that its execution goes smoothly and meets all the requirements, in order to avoid rework and waste of time and money.

With all the proper tools and qualified staff, we are able to take your construction from raw land to finished pavement with the confidence of high quality, fast and complete service. Aguera Construction ensures that your project is well-executed from start to finish.

We provide all the necessary equipment, from dozers, excavators, dump trucks, loaders, rollers, and knowledgeable professionals to complete your project exactly as you planned.

There are no projects too small or too big for us! Count on us to start your construction with the safety, quality, and solidity you are looking for.

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